How much is the price of sand making machine in Shanghai?

How much is the price of sand making machine in Shanghai?


How much is the price of sand making machine in Shanghai? Features of Shanghai Sand Making Machine

How much is the price of sand making machine in Shanghai? Features of Shanghai Sand Making Machine

In recent years, Shanghai VSI machines have also greatly developed, mainly in the following areas:

1) There are more and more Shanghai manufacturers of VSI machines, and new products from various companies are continuously launched, and the number of their products is also steadily increasing;

2) The size of the machine is gradually increasing;

3) Compared with standardized products, the comprehensive quality is stable. Many manufacturers have started to control the vibration, noise and dust of the machine, and the service life of the consumable parts has increased. Some manufacturers have reported the use of external knives when processing river pebble. Life has exceeded 200h;

4) The variety of machines has increased. Except for stone-on-stone and stone-on-iron, open impellers have been adopted by some companies, and the service life of their guide plates has reached the requirements for normal use. Due to the above factors, some customers have begun to trust domestic VSI machines. In some applications, such as medium-hard material handling, advanced domestic equipment can compete with imported equipment. Types of Shanghai VSI sand making machines At present, the VSI machines on the Shanghai market can be divided into three types from the technical level: self-developed products (including imitations), Chinese-foreign cooperation products and all imported products. After the production scale of the sand quarry is getting larger and larger, although the price of imported equipment is relatively high, it can no longer be a resistance for users to buy, and the resistance is more from the high cost of use and the "difficult service" of imported equipment. Chinese-foreign cooperative products entered the Shanghai market relatively late. Because the technology is mature and the consumables have been localized, the Chinese partners can select the user and provide better after-sales service to make up for the shortcomings of all imported equipment. Market Competitiveness. Although Shanghai's self-developed products are imitations, in recent years Shanghai's first-class equipment manufacturers have continued to improve in technology and quality, but they still need to recognize the differences between Shanghai and overseas. If only based on the price advantage, the current sales volume in the market is dominant. , But the outlook is not optimistic.
Comparison of the gap between Shanghai sand making machine and foreign products

The performance of products provided by major VSI manufacturers outside of Shanghai, the gap between domestic machines and products of major foreign companies is comprehensive, mainly in the following areas.

1) Customer service Customer service, especially pre-sales selection service. In the face of different customer situations, some pre-sales personnel often “know but not know why” due to the lack of experimental data, often with constant response, causing the same machine and different customers to use different results. The shortcomings of the customer's crushing and screening system will also affect the use of the VSI machine. For example: when the system is not equipped with an iron remover, iron parts will damage the machine; when the system feed size exceeds the allowable value, it will cause abnormal operation; when the feed contains too much moisture, the vulnerable parts will increase wear; When the feed cannot be adjusted, its non-uniformity will affect the sand making effect of the machine and so on. These customers must pay attention to matters, Shanghai manufacturers often can not be detailed in the early selection of customers, as foreign counterparts, which also damage the reputation of domestic VSI machines.

2) Product specifications and performance The differences in product specifications and performance, especially the large size of the machine, are a comprehensive reflection of the design level, the capabilities of the manufacturer, and the performance of Shanghai's supporting parts (such as bearings). For example, the upper and lower sides of the rotor body are fastened and positioned using conical rings. They cannot be loosened at high speed. The nominal concentricity tolerance of the upper and lower taper surfaces is 600mm in diameter. The design of Kobe Steel Works is 0.02mm. Manufacturers' processing capabilities are a test.

3) The service life of the machine The service life of the impact crusher is originally lower than other types of crushers, such as jaw type and cone type. The vertical shaft impact type is worse than the horizontal impact type. Therefore, the service life of the machine parts is the lifeline of the VSI machine manufacturer. Under similar operating conditions, a comparison of the service life of the parts is made (see the table below). Working conditions: After secondary crushing and sieving, the cobblestone is fed at 5-30mm, the diameter of the impeller is 900mm, the speed is 60m / s, the water content is minimal, the motor power is 160kw, due to different materials, different shapes, and parts use Large life gap. But if you consider the expensive price of imported parts, in terms of overall performance prices, Shanghai overseas products and spare parts are still close.

4. Development direction of Shanghai VSI machine

The VSI machine in Shanghai was developed early, but the development was not fast, and the products of all factories are similar. Therefore, the gap between the international level and the advanced level in the world is still obvious. If domestic VSI machines want to go a step further in design and manufacturing, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues.

1) Attaching importance to product testing For different working conditions and different product structures, conduct actual operation tests, control the relationship between feed and discharge, processing capacity and speed, power, different materials and different structural changes, and do physical test lines for VSI machines. . There is no experimental data to back up, and the product design is very blind.

2) Improve the level of computer-aided design. The use of computer two-dimensional drawing has become very popular. Three-dimensional drawing and simulation assembly are less used, and fewer finite element analysis is applied. Dynamic engineering and kinematics software is used for dynamic engineering analysis. Maybe it is in the crusher manufacturing industry. not yet. Physical experiments and virtual design are the two legs of modern design. Without simulation analysis, the design work is not only slow, but also very risky, or very conservative, and cannot be adequate.

3) The use of extensive machining processes of CNC machining centers can be found everywhere in mining machinery manufacturing plants, but it cannot be applied to the production of parts of VSI machines with high power and high speed operation. Lack of advanced numerical control processing equipment, can not guarantee the processing accuracy, such as shape and position tolerances, roughness, etc., product life and stable operation is also difficult to guarantee.

4) The use of new materials and new processes, especially for wearing parts, requires the introduction of special materials processing technology, and cannot stay at the levels of conventional high chromium cast iron and ultra high manganese steel, such as cemented carbide inlays, composite casting, Industrial ceramics, etc. Although there is still a big gap between Shanghai and overseas sand making machines, the high cost and "difficult service" of imported products make many Shanghai users "stay away", which gives Shanghai the space to develop sand making equipment. In a market economy, Shanghai manufacturers should complement each other and cooperate in innovation.