Technical parameters and production configuration of PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher

Technical parameters and production configuration of PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher

PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher is a type of crusher often used in crushing work. Its working performance can fully meet the small and medium-scale crushing work, so it is also a common model. Many users will choose PE-750 × 1060 Type rock breaker to complete the crushing work. This article will tell you the working parameters and configuration of the PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher in detail for your reference.

 1. Technical parameters of PE-750 × 1060 Jaw Crusher

The technical parameters of PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher include:

1. Feeding port size: 750 × 1060mm

2. Maximum feed size: 630mm

3. Adjusting range of discharge port: 80-140mm

4. Processing capacity: 110-320t / h

5. Eccentric shaft speed: 250r / min

6. Motor power: 110kw

Second, PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher production configuration

 When using the PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher for crushing production, the entire crushing production process can be completed with the assistance of auxiliary equipment.

1. Vibrating feeder: The vibrating feeder can screen out the mixed gravel and debris in the material, and send the bulk material to the PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher for crushing

2.Belt conveyor: Different equipment of the crushing production line need to be connected through a belt conveyor in order to connect different production links for continuous work;

3. Vibrating screen: The materials crushed by the crusher are screened through three layers of the vibrating screen to divide the materials into finished products of different sizes;

4. PE-750 × 1060 jaw crusher: The jaw crusher is the protagonist in crushing production, and the rough crushing of the material is mainly done by it.

If your crushing work does not require high granularity, the above configuration can fully meet your production. If you want to process finished materials with smaller particle size, the above configuration can be used in combination with secondary crushing equipment such as cone crushing and impact crushing. Realize the fine crushing of materials, but it is recommended that you use the secondary crushing equipment of the same manufacturer, otherwise there will be a running-in period between the equipment, which affects the crushing production effect and economic benefits.